Printable Self-Laminating Cable Labels

Print durable self-laminating cable, hose and pipe ID labels in-house and on demand,
or let us supply the labels fully printed, with barcodes, symbols and your
Simply design and print your data onto the white printable area, using a laser or
thermal transfer printer. Then apply the white printed section to your product and
then wrap the durable clear, tail around the printed portion and the product,
sealing in the data and protecting it against hazardous conditions.



Labels and printed information is resistant to: abrasion, severe weathering,
hydraulic oils, UV, chemicals, solvents, fuels and temperature extremes -55ºC to
+155ºC. Perfect for a whole host of applications.
All types of hoses, wires, cables, wiring looms, assemblies, cargo harnesses etc..

NQA ISO 9001:2008

RoMark is an NQA ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. In conjunction with our certification, we maintain a very high standard of Quality, Service and Delivery, which are covered in our documented QMS policy. 

All our staff have strict compliance procedures that they must adhere to, giving RoMark an excellent level of attainment with all our finished products