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Romark secures another UL approved label construction.

"mitigate risk, demonstrate compliance and delivert confidence in markets worldwide". -

We are very pleased to announce RoMark have added another unique, UL approved durable label construction to our portfolio offering ven more confidence in our products and service to our customers. The permanent high-performance 3M adhesive, subsurface print scratch and chemical resistant label with a clear battery tesst element has been designed for a rechargeable battery pack application as seen below.

What is UL Certification / Approval?

When a product is UL Certified or UL Listed, this means that the product has been rigorously tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratory) to internationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. In our case, let's say you, a customer wants to produce and ship a UL certified product to the US. You want to apply a durable label to your product. As suppliers of durable labels, we can provide you with a UL approved rating label, fully conforming to the internationally recognised UL standard. Some products cannot be UL certified unless all of the components of the product meet the UL standard.

In order to achieve this standard, our labels must endure a range of safety and durability tests, from product flammability to solvent and abrasive resistance. To print UL certifications on our UL-approved labels, the labels must strictly adhere to the specific construction of materials outlined and rigorously tested throughout the UL approval process. 

Over the last few months, Romark has been working with UL in achieving UL certification for another unique label that met the requirements of our customers. In that time, we have learned even more about the world and the process of UL approval. If you'd like to know about UL approval with regards to your own products and product labelling, give us a call, freephone 0800 023 9277 or drop us an email.

In the meantime, you can learn more about UL and search for UL certified products, including ours, at


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