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Barcode Labels


Barcode labels play a vital role in industrial settings, serving as an indispensable tool for efficient inventory management, process automation, and accurate data tracking. Their significance lies in their ability to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and reduce human error.

In industrial environments, precise and rapid data capture is essential. Barcode labels offer a systematic and standardised way to identify and track products, equipment, and inventory. This simplifies tasks such as inventory management, order processing, and asset tracking, making industrial operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, barcode labels contribute to process automation, allowing for faster and more accurate data entry. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also enhances productivity and optimises resource utilisation. The ability to access real-time data through barcoding technology is invaluable in making informed decisions and maintaining a competitive edge in the industrial sector.

A durable barcode label in black and white on a grey tote

RoMark's barcode labels are critical in the industrial sector to allow for optimal organisation, tracking, and data identification. In order to maintain your business' efficiency and functionality, these labels have been created to be resistant to:

  • Solvents and chemicals

  • Textures surfaces.

  • Extreme temperatures (-196°C to 150°C)

  • Moisture and humidity

  • Abrasion and wear

  • Corrosion

  • Outdoor elements

  • Microbial contamination

  • Fading and smudging

A durable barcode label on a grey water meter

RoMark's barcode labels are the optimal choice for industries seeking efficiency, accuracy, and seamless data tracking. These labels are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, ensuring reliability and versatility.

One notable feature is the flexibility they offer. RoMark's barcode labels can be pre-printed or partially printed, adapting to various industrial needs. They can be printed in sequences or batches, allowing for customisation and precise data capture in a format that best suits the specific operation.

Furthermore, RoMark's barcode labels are adept at supporting License Plate Numbers (LPN), an essential element in inventory and warehouse management as well as QR codes and 2D codes. These labels facilitate the tracking of individual items or groups of products, making inventory control and order processing more streamlined and accurate.

A gloss blue and silver, durable label which has a QR code on an oil rig


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