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Self-Adhesive Labels


Labelling self-adhesive wraps for affixing to lab equipment and tagging them are of paramount importance in laboratory operations. These labels serve as a vital component of organisation, safety, and precision.

By marking equipment with clear and informative labels, lab staff can swiftly identify each item, its purpose, and any maintenance or calibration requirements. This not only streamlines daily operations but also significantly reduces the risk of errors and accidents, promoting a safer working environment.

Furthermore, these labels enhance traceability, enabling precise documentation of equipment usage, history, and service needs, which is essential for quality control, compliance, and efficient maintenance scheduling.

A yellow self-adhesive label being attached to a vial

Introducing RoMark's self-adhesive labels, renowned for their exceptional durability and reliability. These labels are meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of lab environments. Their adhesive properties ensure they adhere securely to equipment and wrap around themselves effectively, making them a practical choice for various lab applications. These labels are resistant to:

  • Solvents and chemicals

  • Extreme temperatures (-196°C to 150°C)

  • Moisture and humidity

  • Abrasion and wear

  • UV exposure

  • Cryo

  • Microbial contamination

  • Fading and smudging

  • Common lab reagents

  • Autoclave sterilisation

A yellow self-adhesive label being attached to a vial

RoMark's self-adhesive labels are a trusted and practical solution for effectively managing laboratory equipment. Their robust adhesion ensures that they stay firmly in place, whether they're used to label equipment or securely wrap around items. In the demanding laboratory environment, they prove their resilience by withstanding exposure to chemicals, extreme temperature fluctuations, and the wear and tear of daily use.

They are available in both pre-printed and blank formats, giving labs the flexibility to choose the most suitable option for their specific needs. Whether you require clear identification for equipment or detailed tagging for maintenance purposes, these labels can be tailored to your requirements.

These labels contribute to a well-organised and efficient lab, ensuring that equipment is accurately identified and that maintenance schedules are streamlined. With RoMark's self-adhesive labels, you can count on reliability, durability, and ease of use in your laboratory management processes.

A durable label on a vial


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