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Autoclave Labels


Autoclave labels hold a significant role within the laboratory, primarily concerning sterilisation processes and sample safety. These labels are essential for maintaining strict hygiene standards and ensuring the sterility of laboratory equipment and tools.

In laboratory settings, cleanliness and sterility are paramount, especially when handling biological samples, culture media, or clinical instruments. Autoclaves are commonly employed to achieve this, subjecting materials to high-pressure steam to eradicate microorganisms. Autoclave labels provide a clear means of tracking items that have undergone sterilisation, allowing lab professionals to distinguish between sterile and non-sterile equipment.

Furthermore, these labels serve as an integral part of quality control, ensuring that the autoclave has effectively sterilised the materials, thereby preventing the risk of contamination. Their presence aids in the maintenance of rigorous laboratory hygiene standards and the assurance of reliable experimental outcomes. In essence, autoclave labels play a crucial role in upholding the stringent sterilization requirements of laboratory procedures, promoting both safety and scientific precision.

A person putting tools into an autoclave with a label on

RoMark's Autoclave labels, are purpose-built to be more than suitable for autoclave proceedures and can be specific for this case. These labels play a crucial role in maintaining sterile conditions for samples and apparatus. With a focus on durability and legibility, they are resistant to:

  • Solvents and chemicals

  • Extreme temperatures (-196°C to 150°C)

  • Moisture and humidity

  • Abrasion and wear

  • UV exposure

  • Cryo

  • Microbial contamination

  • Fading and smudging

  • Common lab reagents

  • Autoclave sterilisation

A person putting tools into an autoclave with a label on

RoMark's Autoclave labels are the ideal choice for meeting the exacting requirements of laboratory sterilisation processes. These labels are meticulously designed to ensure both their durability and reliability throughout the autoclave procedure.

What sets RoMark's Autoclave labels apart is their resilience. They are engineered to withstand the high-temperature and high-pressure conditions within an autoclave, ensuring that vital information remains intact. These labels are made from bespoke high-grade RoMark materials and adhesives, guaranteeing they stay securely attached to equipment, even after exposure to the extreme conditions of sterilisation.

RoMark's Autoclave labels can be pre-printed with specific sterilisation indicators that clearly change colour to signify successful sterilisation. This feature not only enhances the safety of laboratory operations but also contributes to the ease of use and compliance with quality control standards.

In summary, RoMark's Autoclave labels are an exceptional choice for laboratories. They provide durable and reliable sterilisation indicators, ensuring the safety and integrity of equipment and samples during autoclave procedures.

Three shelves in an autoclave


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