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RoMark addresses the complexities of labelling on low-energy plastic surfaces through a thoughtful and specialised approach. The company's labels are meticulously crafted to enhance adhesion on these challenging materials. RoMark's innovative solutions ensure that labels conform effectively to low-energy plastic surfaces, mitigating issues related to uneven adhesion and durability. By tailoring their products to meet the unique demands of low-energy plastics, RoMark provides a reliable labelling solution that excels in both longevity and adhesion, catering to industries where these specific surface challenges are prevalent.

Applying labels to low-energy plastic surfaces presents a distinctive set of challenges owing to the inherent properties of these materials. The reduced surface energy of such plastics makes it difficult for traditional labels to achieve optimal adhesion. Common issues include uneven adhesion, where labels may struggle to adhere uniformly, leading to potential lifting or peeling over time. The low-energy nature of these plastics can also impact the overall durability of labels, making them susceptible to wear and tear.

Low Energy Plastics

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