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RoMark approaches the complexities of labelling on galvanised metal surfaces with a targeted and innovative strategy. The company's labels are engineered to enhance adhesion on these challenging substrates by using a high-tack adhesive, addressing issues related to the smooth and non-porous nature of galvanised metal. RoMark's commitment to quality ensures that labels adhere securely to galvanised metal surfaces, providing a durable solution that can withstand both surface characteristics and external environmental factors. With a focus on longevity and resilience, RoMark delivers labels that not only overcome the challenges associated with galvanised metal surfaces but also maintain their integrity over time, making them a reliable choice for industries dealing with these specific labelling hurdles.

Labeling galvanised metal surfaces poses a unique set of challenges owing to the specific characteristics of the substrate. The surface treatment of galvanised metal, typically zinc-coated for corrosion resistance, presents difficulties for traditional labels to achieve optimal adhesion. The smooth yet non-porous nature of galvanised metal makes it challenging for labels to securely adhere, often resulting in issues such as uneven adhesion and potential lifting. Additionally, the outdoor exposure and fluctuating environmental conditions that galvanised metal surfaces endure further intensify the need for labels that can withstand both the rigors of the environment and the inherent challenges posed by the substrate.

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