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RoMark adeptly handles the intricacies of surfaces prone to outgassing through a strategic and forward-thinking approach. The company's labelling solutions are intricately crafted to confront the distinct challenges presented by surfaces with outgassing tendencies, ensuring optimal adhesion even in demanding environments. RoMark takes a unique step by utilizing gas-permeable materials, incorporating microscopic cavities within the label structure. This innovative design not only acknowledges the potential for bubbling due to outgassing but actively addresses it by allowing trapped gases to escape. Tailoring labels to mitigate this risk, RoMark provides a dependable labelling solution, particularly valuable for industries that utilise injection moulding, where outgassing surfaces pose specific challenges.

Labelling surfaces prone to outgassing, as exemplified in processes like injection molding, introduces notable challenges for adhesive labels. Outgassing refers to the release of trapped gases from materials during manufacturing or subsequent processes, and this can adversely affect the adhesion of labels. The emitted gases, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), create a risk of bubbling beneath the labels during application. The occurrence of bubbling compromises the labels' ability to adhere uniformly to the surface, impacting both the aesthetic appeal and the overall longevity of the labelling solution.

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