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RoMark addresses the intricacies of labelling on curved surfaces with a focused and innovative approach. The company's labels are specially engineered to overcome the challenges associated with curved substrates. RoMark's tailored solutions, incorporating a High-tack adhesive, ensure that labels adhere effectively to the curves, mitigating issues related to uneven adhesion and potential lifting. Through a commitment to quality and innovation, RoMark provides labelling solutions that not only overcome the challenges associated with curved surfaces but also maintain a high standard of durability. If applicable, a self-adhesive capable label can be used to wrap around an object and connect to itself.

Labelling curved surfaces introduces a unique set of challenges primarily arising from the natural tendency of labels to resist conforming to curves. The labels, designed with a preference for flat surfaces, often encounter difficulties when applied to curved substrates. The inherent desire of labels to straighten up poses issues such as uneven adhesion and potential lifting, as they struggle to smoothly adhere to the contours of the curved surface. Achieving a seamless application on these surfaces becomes a considerable challenge, impacting both the aesthetic appeal and longevity of the labelling solution.

Non-Polar Surfaces

Surface Type

Problem Presented

RoMark's Solution

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