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Durable self-laminating hose labels. What are the benefits?

Why are durable self-laminating wrap-around hose labels so good for various industrial and laboratory-based applications?

Romark's durable, permanent adhesive self-laminating hose labels are the perfect solution to labelling tubular equipment in hazardous conditions and environments, such as; industrial pipes, flexible hoses, cables, wires and conduits. They are equally suited to labelling test tubes and other lab-based equipment under demanding conditions that still require protection and legibility of your label's information.

The transparent high-tack section of the label will neatly wrap, seal and protect your printed information against abrasion, hydraulic oils, water, chemicals, solvents and extreme temperatures, including cryogenic temperatures as low as -196°. With our durable, self-laminating wrap-around labels, identifying and managing equipment couldn't be easier.

Hose Labels wrapping around hose

Print in-house and on-demand.

RoMark can also provide you with the means to print durable self-laminating labels in-house and on-demand, from an easy-to-use laser or thermal transfer-based printer. We are of course more than happy to provide the labels fully printed, with barcodes, symbols and any coloured imagery you require as well. All label sizes are catered for.

self-laminating label around a vial

The pros of durable self-laminating labels:

  1. Extremely durable.

  2. Ergonomic versatility and adherence to a variety of shapes and surfaces.

  3. Hardwearing longevity and clarity.

  4. Permanent adhesive.

  5. Self-extinguishing material.

From cryogenic laboratory labelling to wire and cable management in IT, our durable self-laminating label range will work for you. Our clients encompass almost every sector from manufacturing to laboratories. Feel free to talk to us and let us know how we can help with your labelling. Alternatively, follow our socials to keep up with the goings-on at Romark. Twitter / LinkedIn


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