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Dome Labels - The 3D Effect

Updated: Feb 28

Dome Labels for Product Branding and Identification Applications

With an array of labeling options available, finding the perfect solution that combines durability with aesthetic appeal can be challenging. Enter dome labels – the unsung heroes of industrial-grade labeling that offer a winning combination of durability and style.

What are Dome Labels? Dome labels, also known as domed decals or 3D labels, feature a thick, clear polyurethane dome over the printed design, creating a raised, three-dimensional effect. This unique feature sets dome labels apart from traditional labels, offering enhanced durability and a premium look and feel.

Domed 3d labels

The Best Use Case for Dome Labels

While Dome labels find applications across various industries, they truly shine in industrial manufacturing settings. Here's why:

1. Machinery and Equipment Identification: In manufacturing facilities, identifying machinery and equipment is crucial for operational efficiency and safety. Dome labels offer unparalleled durability, ensuring that identification labels remain legible and intact despite exposure to harsh industrial environments. For example, in automotive manufacturing plants, dome labels are used to label machinery, tools, and components, providing long-lasting identification solutions.

2. Branding and Product Identification: Branding plays a significant role in differentiating products in the industrial sector. Dome labels add a touch of sophistication to product branding and identification, making products stand out on the shelves and leaving a lasting impression on customers. For instance, in the electronics industry, dome labels are used to brand electronic devices and components, enhancing their visual appeal and reinforcing brand identity.

3. Asset Management and Inventory Control: Effective asset management and inventory control are essential for streamlined operations in manufacturing facilities. Dome labels offer durable asset tagging solutions that withstand the rigors of industrial environments, ensuring accurate tracking and management of assets. In aerospace manufacturing, dome labels are used for serial number labeling on aircraft components, enabling efficient asset tracking and maintenance.

  • These SeceuroGlide labels are fitted, as you can probably tell, to SWS' specialist security shutter garage doors.

White domed 3D labels

Conclusion: In conclusion, dome labels are one of the best solutions for industrial-grade labeling needs, offering durability, resilience, and a unique aesthetic. Whether it's machinery identification, product branding, or asset management, dome labels excel in various applications across the industrial manufacturing sector. With their ability to withstand harsh environments and elevate brand presence, dome labels are a valuable asset for companies looking to make a lasting impression in their industry.

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