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Are you still using metal rating plates? Use synthetic labels.

There are increasingly more manufacturers switching from expensive, engraved metal plates to durable, printable labels. Romark's high-quality, durable, synthetic labels can replace your metallic plates, reducing costs and improving efficiency for your business.

Durable, thermal, or laser printable labels are more cost-effective, easier to read, quicker to apply (no drilling or tapping), and will bond permanently to smooth textured or curved surfaces.

Assortment of durable synthetic labels

We can make bespoke labels for every application and we are confident we can meet your labelling demands. Our labels are extremely durable, very economically priced, and can be resistant to abrasion, solvents, chemicals, fuels, saltwater/air, hydraulic oils, and temperatures of -55ºC to over 175ºC.

Please do get in touch if you have labelling requirements you would like to discuss.

No setup costs,

No tooling charges,

No quantity or size is too small.


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